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Hawaii Breeze Poke & Boil is an UNIQUE fusion dining casual restaurant. What we offer is fresh Sushi sashimi chipotle style poke bowl and fresh & tasty Cajun seafood boil (Including some fancy APPs). It can be served for dine in & take out.

At ˇ°Hawaii Breezeˇ±, we provide guests with the FRESHEST ingredients and uniquely crafted flavors to create the perfect poke bowl. It is HEALTHY, DELICIOUS and UNIQUE. In addition, our Cajun style seafood boil speaks out itself. You have different choices of the flavor (garlic butter, old bay, lemon pepper, Cajun etc.). The seafood is not only Fresh, but also tasty & yummy.

Stop by to check out everything we offer. Hawaii Breeze welcomes you to a pleasant and memorable dining experience. We aim at making every experience pleasurable!

Frequent Question
Question 1: What is poke bowl ?

Poke Bowl originated in Hawaii, dating as far back as the first Hawaiians that set foot on the island. The dish commonly consists of sushi sashimi grade raw cube fish, fresh fruit, fresh vegetable or some cooked proteins (shrimp, chicken, scallop etc.). It depends on what you create, it can be cooked and raw, hot and cold all in one bowl.

Question 2: What is Cajun Seafood boil ?

Assorted Fresh seafood+ potato + corn + tasty flavor

Question 3: Do you have some nice Apps ?

Yes! As what you saw in our menu, Hawaii Breeze have a lot of fancy appetizers. It contains Fried oyster, Alligator nuggets, sweet potato friesŁ¬ chicken wings etc. What is more, our chef also created some special signature appetizers for our lovely customers. For example, our roasted duck roll, crispy salmon dumpling, Cajun tofu, Hawaii breeze APP (baked scallops) are must-try items.

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